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I'm Kamau aka Kam. I'm stressed, hardened by bullshit and yet I'm the guy who consistently makes you laugh. I don't even know who I am anymore and that's the fun part.

Post regarding my daily tales of the DMV subway system and what I see people watching there: Metro life entries

My normal views on things I say and see: Kamisms

Post about music :music post

Get to know the blogger night!


I’ll answer all questions that come in my ask box!

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Karma by Do Ho-Suh at New Orleans Sculpture Art Museum. 

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I posted about helping my friend with a make-a-wish kid’s wish come true. I thought my friend wanted help with a comic. Turns out it’s an animation project. Fortunately it’s short but still it’s a lot more than I thought. Also a big help is that it’s cell shading so I don’t have to draw as much.

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this site is full of people I would love to bang then make a sandwich for. 

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Write in my ask how you’d describe me to somebody who’s never met me

excuse me we all love this shit cmon

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