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I'm Kamau aka Kam. I'm stressed, hardened by bullshit and yet I'm the guy who consistently makes you laugh. I don't even know who I am anymore and that's the fun part.

Post regarding my daily tales of the DMV subway system and what I see people watching there: Metro life entries

My normal views on things I say and see: Kamisms

Post about music :music post

His back is turned, I’m behind him and his breath is still hitting me in the face. How does your bad breath have a left hook?!!

6 days ago
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Memes I created after working iPhone 6 launch weekend. So much kamism

4 weeks ago
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Never trust a physic with a please knock sign on their door.

1 month ago
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Kid says “HI!” I say hi back. Kid says “HI!” again. I say hi back again. Kid says “HI!” again. I say hi again. …..

I refuse to lose this game

1 month ago
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Store 175

Boy I made the mistake of answering the question “who I think is cute” in the store. At first I was like no one really. Then “ok blah, blah…..oh and blah.” Coworker “damn you didn’t even mention me!” ….some were blushing, some are butt hurt. …….que da fuq?

2 months ago
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Is she a scrub?

It was from the passenger side of her best friend’s and she actually hollared at me.

2 weeks ago
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Awkward moment

When you’re at the bar and a customer sits down next to you and they keep looking at you wondering why you look familiar. I can feel her eyes and curiosity on the side of my head. BITCH I’M DRINKING “LEMONADE!”

1 month ago
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Pride or stupidity

I kinda hate it when people try to hook me up with other people. It’s partially like “oh you think you know me?!” And partially “you think I need help?!” I get kinda stand offish when they either set me up or show me their girlfriend that they think is “sooo perfect for me.” Sounds dumb and I try not to be that way but old habits

1 month ago
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Leg day

Before leg day: I’ma make everyday leg day. Never skip them!

After leg day: …….once a century…..

2 months ago
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Might’ve bitten off more than I can chew

Hahaha get it? I got challenged to a nugget eating contest. I got till labor day. My co-worker is a hefty guy. I just eat a lot. ….he’s way to excited about it. Any tips would be helpful

3 months ago
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